ISMS Performance

The primary objective of information security management is to implement appropriate measures to reduce or eliminate the impact that threats may have on your organization.


Making information

security a priority

The information security management system (ISMS) minimize the impact of incidents and assures you:

  • business continuity,
  • customer’s trust,
  • protection of investments and opportunities
  • Reducing the damage faced by the company.

In addition, legal requirements for the protection of personal or sensitive information as well as citizen protection requirements are pushing companies to make information security their priority.

ISMS is an indicator of

your company’s health

Boards increasingly need to demonstrate to investors and public that cyber risks are being managed from a technical, financial and governance perspective. Indeed, these could have an impact on the proper functioning, reputation and economic performance of your company

Board members also become personally responsible for these matters. Business decision makers want to visualize and optimize their information security management system. We offer our cockpit to all organizations, in all sectors, that value the confidentiality of their information.


Company's health

Demonstrate the maturity of your ISMS

Our ISMS Performance Cockpit allows you to manage the periodic assessment of the maturity levels of your ISMS. It carries out the audit of the various points in order to determine the conformity of your processes according to the expectations of the management and in the respect of standards and laws.

With it, companies and organizations canbmeasure, monitor and review the performance of their information security management system.

Thus, it represents a important asset for your cyber governance. It allows you to ensure that the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) cycle of your ISMS remains alive after a successful certification audit.

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