ISO 22301 – Business continuity management

ISO 22301 is a business continuity management (BCM) standard. In the event of a degraded work process, at the level of IT, HR, logistics or suppliers, it constitutes the reference point in terms of good practices.


Assess your organization’s resilience in accordance with ISO 22301

The ISO 22301 standard defines the organizational and technical requirements of a business continuity management system , e in terms of security and resilience.

ISO 22301 can be used for certification purposes, but it can also be used as a reference for your company to assess its situation in terms of continuity management . Finally, it is also useful for auditors to report to management.

It is supported by normative systems such as NIST or ISO/IEC 27001, particularly in IT.


Optimize your business continuity management according to the size of your organization

As you can see, our ISO 22301 cockpit is designed to apply to your entire organization or just a part of it, regardless of its type, size or nature. As a risk manager or SME owner, you have a growing need to visualize and optimize your risk management system from a continuity management perspective.

Indeed, a company’s network has become a system with blurred boundaries where many actors are involved: suppliers, customers, employees, sensors, machines managed remotely at the customer’s site. This is mainly due to the cloud environment and the need for interoperability between systems and organizations.

Business continuity management

Increase cyber resilience and create value through digitalization

The ISO 22301 cockpit allows you to monitor the various points of compliance stipulated by international standards and the way in which they are respected within your organization. You will be able to use all the information and develop the implemented actions:

  • Emergency planning,
  • Disaster recovery,
  • Disruptive incident management

Today, organizations must increase their resilience to cyber events by implementing realistic and approved continuity plans while creating value through digitalization.

Combined with our various cockpits dedicated to cyber governance, the ISO 22301 cockpit will allow you to optimize your business continuity management system and reassure a potential client or partner.

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